Saturday, 6 September 2014

Who was that chap standing behind Dave?

There was a palpable buzz at Tracey's campaign launch today with many new faces turning out for the first time. Many of the students who have completed work experience in either Tracey's office or the West Kent Campaign HQ  came to help as well as new candidates and some of their families. It was super to meet and chat to so many new activists.

Having spent twenty minutes shaking hands and introducing myself to new people we, split into 10 groups to cover more ground' teaming-up experienced campaigners with new ones. As Tracey and I walked towards our rendezvous I asked her, "who was that chap standing behind Dave...?"  She had no idea, "I thought he was with you". We both stared at his photo on my phone - completely flummoxed. "I met him and introduced myself, and he seemed very keen", I said.  The mystery deepened when neither the local Chairman nor the Voter ID Co-ordinator knew who he was either.

Finally the mystery was resolved. The poor chap had come along to the local councilllor's advice centre being held in the church hall where we met. Being a fan of Tracey Crouch he came over to say hello, whereupon he was accosted by me, thanked enthusiastically for coming and given a poster to hold for the team photo.

And here's the best bit...  He had such a nice time he has now joined the Conservative Party and is coming out to help again!

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