Friday, 19 September 2014

From High Politics to Old Nags; a day in the life of a Tory apparatchik

From a night of high drama in Scotland, a morning of high politics working with Tom Tugendhat to launch his own "Constitutional Consultation" in Tonbridge & Malling, a lunchtime spent arranging the Kent Area Conference and an series of afternoon meetings and conference calls to secure agreement for a very exciting project we will launch next week; it was "back to reality with a bump" to finish the day as we sent out 300 invitations to Chatham & Aylesford's Annual Horse Race Night, which I have compared for the last four years.

It's a great night and usually raises close to £2,000 for Tracey Crouch's campaign fund. And you get fish and chips, too! If you'd like to attend send me a message. 

Tomorrow, it's up at 5.30am to board the West Kent Clacton Omnibus.

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