Monday, 1 September 2014

AUCTION! Submit your bids please

Our star intern Matt Boughton won a super prize at a charity cricket match yesterday - a large montage a Formula 1 photographs in a display frame - signed by Sir Stirling Moss. 

Matt, who apparently has little interest in F1 has kindly agreed to auction this and donate the proceeds to West Kent funds to aid our target seat campaign. I suspect there is also some parental pressure along the lines of "this isn't going up in my house - stick it in the garage."

The value of these things is hard to determine, but by way of example Matt has already been offered £120. 

If you would like to bid, send an email with your name, address and contact phone number to  

If Matt receives any offers over £250 by next Monday (8th September) he will sell it to the highest £250+ bidder. If £250 has not been reached, he will list it on Ebay. 

Happy bidding. 

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