Friday, 5 September 2014

Hail to the Chief

It was with great sadness that Kent Area Management Executive accepted the resignation of Chairman Alex King MBE at its meeting today. Alex has had problems with his feet for many years and has recently been told that he might need an operation. Realising this might impede his campaigning abilities in a General Election year, Alex honourably offered to stand down. The new Chairman, elected unanimously at today's meeting, is Andrew Mackness. 

In his acceptance speech an emotional Cllr Mackness said, "I have learnt a great deal from Alex and look forward to continuing his conciliatory and emollient style of leadership as we approach the General Election in 2015."  

The Kent Area Executive - clockwise from bottom left: Samir Jassall, Allan Sullivan, Andrew Kennedy,
Tracey Crouch MP, Andrew Mackness, Jane Martin, Mike Whiting, Rupert Turpin, South Zone Oberleutnant,
Julie Marson and (out of picture) Graham Gibbens.  

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