Friday, 12 September 2014

Saving Capstone Valley

For almost 20 years Chatham & Aylesford Conservatives have led the campaign to save Capstone Valley from housing development. Capstone Valley and its Country Park is the last significant area of open space in the main Medway twons; a green lung which provides recreation and an oasis in one of the most heavily built areas on the South East.

In 2007, when a development application for 9000 houses was last submitted,  Tracey Crouch and the local Conservatives organised a petition (signed by 15,000 residents, but we also put in place a consultative referendum, delivering ballot papers to 22,000 local residents. We also provided polling stations and ballot boxes in local shops and village halls for residents to cast their votes. We had a turnout of around 20% with 98% voting against the plans. See HERE

Now the developers are trying again, this time with a small scale application for just 1000 homes which, if agreed, will no doubt be a Trrojan Horse for bigger future applications which will then be almost impossible to oppose.  Once again the local Conservative team are putting their money and their political clout behind the many non-political residents groups who are uniting to oppose this development.

Tomorrow, 20,000 leaflets and petition forms will be delivered across Chatham.

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