Thursday, 4 September 2014

"Keep your knees together, Girl!"

Well, after months of planning, it finally happened.

West Kent's "COMING UP TRUMPS - AN EVENING WITH BARONESS TRUMPINGTON" was staged with great success at Maidstone's Hazlitt Theatre tonight. 200 local members and activists came along and enjoyed a superb performance from this magnificent lady.

From her opening line, "keep your knees together, girl" to her final exit two hours later (having dedicated and signed 60 copies of her biography) she enchanted the audience with tales from her remarkable life.
It was all I expected it to be - and more; resulting in a well deserved standing ovation at the end.

I am afraid the video file was too big to upload to YouTube in one hit - so it's in two sections. The first video covers probably 90% of the show, with the final 10% on clip two.

My thanks as always to Jon Botten and Matt Boughton, who work tirelessly with me to make these things happen. To our West Kent Chairman, William Rutherford, for his superb introduction and hosting (including a very kind and generous tribute to me). To Tonbridge & Malling's Parliamentary Candidate, Tom Tugendhat (for providing transport for Baroness Trumpinton to and from her home in Battersea and for conducting the on stage interview). To Joyce Gadd, Sue Nuttall, Vivian Branson and Thelma Huggett for selling the raffle tickets. To Chris Baldock who assisted me selling Baroness Trumpington's auto-biography at the end of the show. To Sophie Shrubsole for obtaining the books at cost price from the publisher, and to the management and staff at the Hazlitt Theatre for providing so much assistance and technical support. And, of course, to our members whose support makes it all possible.

I am sure when their somewhat eccentric Agent suggests we "hire a theatre and put on a show" they must roll their eyes and think "Oh God, what's he planning now...?" But regardless, they never stint in their support and encouragement.

And here is the second short installment - but please watch just the first 5 minutes as I accidentally left the camera running. If you keep watching you will have to sit through the raffle and the slightly disturbing sound of 400 arthritic hips and knees clicking as the audience leaves the theatre.

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