Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tracey Crouch officially launches her Re-election Campaign in Chatham

Over 30 activists flooded the streets of Chatham to officially launch Tracey Crouch MPs
re-election campaign. We visited over 2,000 houses and found hundreds of new pledges. 

I am not going to fall into the trap of saying "everyone we met is voting Conservative" as clearly that is not true, and never is for any party in any constituency. However, what was noticeable in Princes Park was the following:

1. UKIP were taking as many votes from Labour as from the Conservatives, and
2. Tracey Crouch was significantly out-polling the Conservative Party by a very significant margin - a statistic indicated in each of our recent constituency polls. 

The local Labour Party, still demoralised and dejected having finished third in the recent EU poll, must surely now be sharing the views of the Parliamentary Candidate that:

"Ed Miliband is fighting a dodgy campaign and the 
Labour Party is not functioning in any capacity." 

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