Wednesday, 17 September 2014

An exciting job opportunity

Don't get your hopes-up - I haven't resigned! And nor has Jon (at least he was still there when I called the office earlier).

I had lunch today with a friend who has just been selected for a parliamentary seat. I don't wish to say which one, so let's just say "significantly north of Kent".

It's not a 40/40 but it's certainly "in play" and my friend wants to give it his best shot. He is prepared to put some of his own money forward to secure the support of a good agent / organiser both to run his GE operation and to help ensure the already active Association receives the professional help and support it needs.

This will be a fixed term job up to 7 May 2015, but longer if all goes to plan! I think he is looking at 20+ hours per week perhaps going to full time as polling day nears. He is prepared to pay a 'generous salary' (pro-rata) for an experienced campaigner with the key skills required for his campaign. By this he means understanding of Merlin, targeted Mosaic-based campaigning, direct mail and data building.

I suspect the ideal candidate GE campaign experience and a knowledge of Merlin (not just how it works but how it should be used). Perhaps a retired agent who wants to smell the gunpowder one more time, or perhaps a 2010 campaign manager or similar.

If you are interested, send me a message (in absolute confidence) using the 'contact me' box to the right. I will call you with a bit more info and if you are still interested I will pass your details on to the candidate. If you are going to Birmingham it would be an ideal opportunity to meet. However, please note I am not recruiting for this job or in any way involved in the campaign; I am simply using my blog to send out a message to all those who might be interested. Therefore please don't send me CVs or ask me about the details - that will be between you and the candidate.

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