Monday, 8 September 2014

A goal so widely open that even Manchester United couldn't miss

The newly installed Kent Area Chairman, Andrew Mackness, is a good friend. In fact, Andrew, Nancy and I are sharing a narrow boat for Party Conference in Birmingham.There are, however, occasional "open goals' too tempting to let pass.

Andrew emailed me tonight about the Kent Area Conference we are organising - and I was amused to see he had wasted no time in changing his email footer to reflect his exalted position. Unfortunately, something isn't quite right with the code, as underneath his name and his new very important job title (in fetching lime green) is the word "description"

OK, I'll get thee ball rolling....   Miserable, tight-fisted, yappy, Mancunian. 

(I suspect it's going to be a long week on a very narrow boat!)

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