Monday, 24 June 2013

Tracey Crouch's back side is hot (off the press!)

Jason Allen, our super local printer, called today to tell me, "I am about to start work on Tracey Crouch's back side, would you like to pop in on your way to the office and watch."

How could I refuse?

The back side in question was the reverse of her latest leaflet, and I must say that it was gratifying to see something you have worked on (and will no doubt soon be delivering through thousands of letterboxes) rolling off the press.

My thanks to all who work hard behind the scenes getting such good quality material designed and printed. Especially Stephen Ion at CCHQ for his excellent work on design, Caroline Spensley who is our local graphic designer and who keeps calm and professional when I request yet more copy changes, and to all at DA Printers Ltd in Rochester who are not only great supporters of the local Associations, but always deliver on time and within budget.

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