Tuesday, 11 June 2013

At least Janus only had two faces

Medway councillor Andy Stamp was two-times Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Gillingham & Rainham and Deputy Lib-Dem Group Leader. That was until a row over who said what to whom at the annual  Mung-Bean & Shloer Lib-Dem fundraising supper led to a falling-out with his former colleagues. In 2011 he stood and was elected as an independent, but along was his fellow independent councillor has now joined Labour.
Given Medway Labour Party's truly outstanding ability to lose almost every election it fights, many might consider this a rare case of a rat joining a sunken ship.
However, I wish Cllr Stamp and his colleague Cllr Cooper every happiness in their new political home. Before the Comrades get too excited however, they should consider some of Cllr Stamp's comments about them on his Twitter account.

Apparently, until his "road to Damascus" style conversion, he considered his new colleagues to be "liars", of "scraping the barrel", capable of "dirty tricks", of "leaving a trail of destruction", of having "opinions on subjects they knew nothing about", and he called them "desperate" and "clueless".  And they were the nice things!

Despite our political differences, I have a lot of time and respect for Medway Labour Leader, Vince Maple.  I wish him well with his new convert. I just hope Vince remembers that "an enemy of my enemy is seldom my friend." 

Andy Stamp @Andystamp1
Labours dirty tricks against the Lib Dems and me will not fool the residents of Gillingham and Rainham . Shame on you @paulclark
Andy Stamp @Andystamp1
@tristanosborne Congratulations on losing your 3 MP's , The people of Medway gave you a clear message .

@tristanosborne Think you have enough squabbles within your group ,Labour left a trail of destruction in L&W ! Short memories !

@tristanosborne you have a habit of having opinions on issues you know nothing about.You need to be very careful on what you publish

@tristanosborne Medway Labour delivers ? I have seen your Medway line up! Scraping the barrel...

@tristanosborne Yet again lots of lies, half truths and smears from a desperate Labour Hack.

The Labour Cuckoos have sprung out in Gillingham North,shame most of them don't live here! Residents forgot what Labour Activists looks like

Been given the 1st Lab Leaflet in GN for 4 years.Funny they have tried to imitate our name & claim credit for what we achieved!#labourlies

@cllrtrisosborne @medwaymessenger As per usual you are totally clueless! Residents on housing list in Medway deserves better !

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