Wednesday, 26 June 2013

High Politics at the Parish

Earlier today I was searching for the address of a former local activist (since moved away) whose brother is a member of one of the 27 Parish Councils in the constituency. Visiting the Parish website, my eye was caught by the following paragraph in the Council Minutes...

"Derek reported that the Women's Institute had refused to cook the annual Christmas Lunch and therefore other opportunities needed to be explored. George said the village pub were keen to accommodate us, but some were concerned that the popular music was played too loudly, which may prevent deaf members from participating in the conversation. It was agreed to form a sub committee to investigate other options, including another approach to the womenfolk, to see if their minds might be changed."

I wish them well !

NB: It's just been pointed out to me that the above report was not in the Parish Minutes, but a report submitted by the secretary of one of the village "Community Groups".  Happy to make the correction!  

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