Thursday, 6 June 2013


A big thank you to members of the Chatham & Aylesford Association, the best envelope packing team in the UK. Working in shifts, they packed and bundled 18,000 membership recruitment letters in just one and a half days. This, however, is far from their record. Just before the 2010 General Election, working in tandem with Tonbridge & Malling, they mustered a team of 110 volunteers and packed 70,000 envelopes in a day! 

Thank you to all who came to help at very short notice, in particular  And special thanks to Charles and Joyce Gadd, who open their home time and time again, provide refreshments for the volunteers and store all the supplies. Another example of the army of volunteers without whose support and dedication the Party would cease to function. 

Team 1: Dave and Mary Davis, Allan Sullivan, Charles Gadd and Marion Cole
Team 2: Barbara Matthews, Joyce Gadd, Joyce Hall, Colonel Clewer and Brenda Clewer

Thanks also to Adrian and Pat Gulvin, John Balcombe, Peter Homewood and Janet Sergison, who came earlier in the day and were not there when I took the photographs.

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