Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pavement politics

Congratulations to my friend and colleague, Cllr David Elliott, who travelled to London yesterday to receive a "Good Scrutiny Award" from Baroness Hamwee in recognition of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's outstanding work on dog fouling.

That's another one 'in the bag' !

It reminds me of a Residents' Survey we distributed in TW last year. One resident wrote in,

"The amount of excrement along Camden Road is a disgrace.
I don't know whether to blame the dogs or their owners."


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  1. I have been 'following' dog poo since becoming a Cllr. The interesting thing is that it may be only one owner who is not picking up viz: one dog, 3x a day = 21 poos a week. It's difficult to catch the culprits as they often pick up when someone is around but leave it at other times. I have heard the following: "I had better pick it up as Viv is behind us". Could write about this for hours. I met a group of 3 walkers yesterday who were busy picking up poo that didn't belong to them - they should have an award!