Monday, 17 June 2013

Time to pave over "Conservative Grassroots"

I am a Libertarian on social policy and have sympathies with Murray Rothbard on economics, so the organisation 'Conservative Grassroots' are anathema to me. I do, however, recognise that they represent a shade of opinion within the wonderful broad church that makes up the conservative coalition, and whilst I don't agree with them, they have every right to express their view and seek to persuade others to follow it.
Therefore, when a senior member of Conservative Grassroots emailed one of the Associations I work for, asking for the name and contact details of the Association Chairman, I responded promptly and politely from my Blackberry. The lady replied, "Wow, that was efficient." To which I replied, "advantage of having an agent who works from home".
Then, blow me down, she replied "more like you are claiming overtime".
What an incredibly presumptuous and arrogant thing to write, especially as we had never met, she had no knowledge of me nor the Associations I work for, and I had just done her a favour by promptly dealing with her enquiry, when many might have hit the delete button.  
I replied...
"For your information, I have never asked for nor received a penny of overtime,
nor put in a claim for so much as a mile of travel, since I was appointed."
Perhaps I should have added for good measure,
"...and I support liberal immigration, equal marriage and for the past 11 years I have lived happily with my gay partner - who is an ordained Minister!  And, for the record, I am as good a Conservative as you will ever be."
Bloody cheek!


  1. Do I sense a hissy fit here?

  2. Maybe she learned her lesson after emailing you.
    When I replied, I just got a thank you.