Saturday, 22 June 2013

An investment opportunity of a lifetime....

I have previously blogged about my collection of political memorabilia, in particular my collection of rare photographs of British Prime Ministers, particularly Margaret Thatcher.

I always keep my eye on Ebay and other dealers' sites, though I am now very selective. There are a lot of fakes around, and much of what is genuine is of poor quality.

Imagine my excitement then when I spotted on Ebay a lot entitled "Hand painted portrait of Baroness Thatcher, signed by artist." 

I nervously clicked on the link, hoping that I would not like the picture as we are saving money to buy our new boat next year. I wasn't disappointed.  Having reviewed the price and quality, and discussed it with Steve, I decide not to join the bidding.  I do, however, wish the seller every success. 

Scroll down to view...

At the time of posting this, the highest bid is £3.00.  Hurry, or you might miss an investment opportunity of a lifetime. 

Should you wish to bid, here is the link:


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