Friday, 28 June 2013

How to lose friends and alienate people

News has just reached me of a parliamentary hopeful who has applied for selection for a marginal constituency somewhere north of Kent.

Association Officers and others with local influence were all lucky recipients of a complimentary copy of his latest book which, by amazing coincidence, landed on their doormats at exactly the same time as nominations closed and the applicants CVs were emailed for the sift.

Unfortunately, in his obvious haste to get his books into the hands of those who will judge his abilities, he didn't place sufficient stamps on each envelope, resulting in a queue of angry Tory big wigs being surcharged £1.20 each (plus the buggeration of a trip to the local Royal Mail office to collect their *free* gift) .

From what I hear he might well be invited for an interview so they can all demand their money back!

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