Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nothing ever changes !

Rummaging in the attic at West Kent HQ we came across an old edition of a magazine called "The Conservative Agents' Journal" Spring 1990 edition.

Apart from listing the names of 300+ agents, it was reassuring to see how little has changed. First, a letter from my predecessor in Tonbridge & Malling, Anne Moloney (now a local councillor) complaining about the Treasurer's Department trying to "steal" our information and take money from Associations for wasteful projects at 32 Smith Square.

 And this was followed by a letter from another long retired Agent recounting a bruising conversation with a member of her Conservative Women's Constituency Committee (CWCC).

I suspect if there are any of us left in 2036 we will be complaining about the same things all over again!

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