Monday, 24 June 2013

Singing for my supper in Rochester & Strood

I was singing for my supper again tonight, this time at the Rochester and Strood Conservative Association Executive Meeting, where the new Association Chairman, Andrew Mackness, invited me to recite my mantra of "more leaflets = more votes."

Singing for my supper at Rochester & Strood
Executive Council tonight
Rochester and Strood is a super Association; 300 members, active branches in all but one ward, financially secure and ably led by a young and professional Management Committee.

I was somewhat taken aback when entering the room to see people standing at the back; there must have been 60+ members there.  I mentioned the turnout to their Organising Secretary, Chris Buckwell, who said, "yes, sorry - 6 or so have sent apologies - there are normally more."  The Association also provided a complimentary buffet, a nice touch given many attended directly from work and probably would not get home until 10pm.

I was particularly impressed that as part of the development of the Association's draft business plan, which is submitted to Kent Area, each branch was also asked to draw-up their own strategy plan, which was incorporated into the Association's goals and objectives. I wonder if any other Associations ask their branches to do this?  Mine don't, but perhaps we should.

All things considered, a very enjoyable evening. It is wonderful to see a thriving, politically active and successful Association.

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