Sunday, 3 November 2013

West Kent recognised for "Best Practice" for local candidate recruitment

With the attention focused on the Open Primary, it's easy to forget that the basic 'day-to-day' functions of the four West Kent Associations were all continuing as before. The "elephant in the room" was receiving all the publicity (and rightfully so) but everything else was moving ahead in line with the diary; though in the shadows of the Big Event.

For example, last week I was sent an email by the Ceri Pring at the Conservative Councillors' Association . This has the final copy of their LOCALISER magazine attached as a pdf, along with a note "hope this is OK!"  I stared at it, wondering why on earth it had been sent to me and why I should be asked my opinion. Jon had spotted my "confused and bewildered" expression and wandered to my side of the desk to see what I was staring at. "Oh, it's your article on LG Candidate Recruitment" he said.  I starred back, blankly. "You remember - you dictated it to me in September, before we went to Manchester for Party were eating a Tesco Finest Ham Hock and Cranberry sandwich at the time - whilst airbrushing Medway Councillors."  

I am not sure if it was the ham hock and cranberry sandwich or the airbrushing of Medway councillors which jolted my memory, but it all came flooding back. The CCA were putting together a magazine on local candidate recruitment and wanted to feature our "People just like you" campaign.

Anyway, here is my article, and below it a link for you to download and read the entire magazine, which offers lots of great advice on LG candidate recruitment.

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