Thursday, 14 November 2013

Coming through a letterbox near you...

We have just taken delivery of our latest newsletter in Tunbridge Wells, which will be dropping through 40,000 letterboxes over the next few days.

It is an A3 full colour newsletter; the inside pages are common across the constituency and deals with the Cinema Site - a thorny issue which has blighted the town centre for too long. We have launched a petition calling on the owners of the site to take action.

The front pages are localised for each ward, which feature our local councillors and the work they are doing locally.

Here is one example - it's the Broadwater ward edition highlighting Cllr Chris Woodward's already much publicised motorcycle raffle. 

This is the third newsletter we have delivered in TW since last May. No doubt when we go canvassing we will still get people saying, "you only come around when the elections are on!"

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