Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Night at Chatham Races

Just home after a super fund-raiser for Tracey Crouch's re-election campaign in Chatham & Aylesford. It was a good old-fashioned Race Night (on film) in a village hall; and we raised over £1000! 

Two things were notable;

Firstly around a third of those attending were not party members or activists - they were local people from the village where the event was held. We simply included a small advert in our recent In Touch newsletter (delivered 6 weeks ago) and they contacted us to book tickets. Most came because they wanted to help re-elect Tracey, who personal poll ratings are 12% higher than the Conservative Party's ratings in this constituency. 

Secondly, for the second week running we have raised in excess of £1000 from a £10 a head event (and this is after we paid £5 per head for catering plus the cost of hall hire). This is further evidence to support my theory that low-priced fundraising events not only attract more people, but they are then willing to spend more of the raffle.  

It was a good evening; I have a soft spot for C&A; Kent's smallest Conservative Association who deliver more leaflets, knock on more doors and make more Voter ID contacts every year than most of the rest combined. An Association whose sole purpose it to win elections, which they do without any of the infighting, rancour or personality feuds which affect most similar organisations.  They are fortunate to have Tracey Crouch representing them in Parliament - and Tracey is fortunate to have such a dedicated, hard-working and determined team of foot soldiers fighting on her behalf.

Joyce and Mike on the Raffle !
Steve, Lynne and David on the Tote

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  1. Blimey Andrew, we'll have to keep a closer eye on your events list, if it was as much fun as the recent murder mystery. We could have driven straight up from Hastings to this!