Saturday, 9 November 2013

I must have been naughty in a previous life

Well, that's the week from hell over! Whatever I did naughty in a previous life has certainly returned to haunt me this week, as in addition to the day job...

Monday evening: Training new council candidates
Tuesday evening: Tunbridge Wells Management Committee
Wednesday evening: Kent Area AGM
Thursday evening: Meeting at CCHQ
Friday evening: Ann Widdecombe fund raiser in T&M

And this morning, canvassing in the lashing rain in Horsmonden. That being said, given the ghastly weather, it is a tribute to the members and activists in Tunbridge Wells that we had a team of 14 out on the doorsteps.

Now, please excuse me - I am heading home where I shall open a bottle of Claret, turn off my phone and try not to think about the Conservative Party until Monday morning.

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  1. Yeah, but you love it otherwise you wouldn't do it.