Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas Draw success stories.

I have just received the following kind and generous email from an Association on the South Coast:

You were kind enough to send through your Best Practice guide on running on a Conservative Draw a short time back. I’m just emailing to thank you again and report that I trialled it in two wards here (to prove the case to the Association) and it has been a resounding success. 

Our takings this year are easily going to double our previous best result and just as importantly we’ve been able to strike up a relationship with a decent number of non-members who are very supportive.

Next year the association will go constituency wide with a hand delivered mailing to all pledges.

All the best,
This is one of many similar emails I have received on the Christmas Draw. One from an Association in the north who were about to give-up on the draw as it raised so little, but by following our Best Practice Guide they increased their income from £300 to over £2000. There is also good news from Chatham, Maidstone, Canterbury - all of which have substantially increased their income.  
The other evening when I addressed the Regional Chairman's Dinner at the Red Lion I said too many of our Associations have believed what they read in the papers and are simply managing decline. These good news stories demonstrate (and there are many more to come) is that we can turn things around, raise new money and increase our base of supporters - we just need to think about it differently.
If you are an Association Officer or Organiser who downloaded and used our West Kent Best Practice Guide and have good news to tell, please let me know via the feedback section to the right. By sharing best practice and good news we will help encourage others.

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