Wednesday, 27 November 2013

And three becomes FOUR!

Tonight's meeting of the Tonbridge & Malling Executive Council voted unanimously in favour of the new West Kent Grouping, putting in place the fourth and final piece of the jigsaw.
All three of the original West Kent constituencies have now voted in favour, as have Maidstone and the Weald, who applied to join the Group a few months ago. They will now be with us from day one, when the new Campaign HQ is opened early next year.
Tom Tugendhat addresses the Tonbridge & Malling Executive Council, which voted
unanimously in favour of the West Kent Group at its meeting earlier this evening.
It is worth noting that three of the four Associations voted to support the plans unanimously with the fourth supporting the proposals by 8:1. Even the three members who voted against did so on points of detail rather than opposing the principle.
I have never known a Group of Associations demonstrate such willingness to work together for the benefit of the Conservative Party. I am already receiving calls and emails from nascent groups across the UK who are keen to emulate what we have done locally.
It is an exciting time, for the Associations, the newly elected West Kent Executive and the staff, as we work together to bring four Associations under one roof, in a purpose built office, with full disabled person access, on-site parking, a new print facility and integrated VOIP Phone Bank. 
I am sure there will be hiccoughs and difficulties along the way, but I am confident that provided we are retain a sense of humour and remember the sense of goodwill that has enabled us to get where we now are, then we will not only go from strength to strength, but flourish and grow together.

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  1. a long time coming but very welcome. Congrstulations