Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Goulash Collective - count me in!

Well, we've done it! Steve and I have signed-up to a collective of Socialists, trades unionists, lefties, artists, writers and Marxists who have formed a group to try and save one of my favourite restaurants, The Gay Hussar.

I must say, I did wince when I saw the list of those leading the bid and who will be on "the board"; Bill Hegarty (former Editor of the Daily Mirror), Chris Kaufman (Trades Unionist and Chair of Enfield Alliance Against The Cuts), Julia Langdon (Guardian Political Editor),  Mark Seddon (journalist and former member of Labour's NEC) and Tom Watson MP.  Having said that, I suspect none of the above are too keen about accepting investment capital from the likes of me and Iain Dale - but that's life!

Anyway, should anyone wish to join-in to help save this truly wonderful institution, the minimum investment of £500. Not a fortune to help save one of Soho's culinary treasurers and an important piece of our political history.

Should any readers be interested, here is the invitation to invest HERE

And here is the Business Plan HERE

1 comment:

  1. you going to lose all your money!
    no one on the Board of Directors has any experience in running a restaurant!
    you letting you heart rule your head!