Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tracey Crouch - co-winner of Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Award

I have just heard that Tracey Crouch was co-winner of the Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Award earlier today. Tracey, along with the 15 'rebels' who voted against legislation to regulate the press, accepted the prestigious award at the Savoy Hotel this afternoon.

To quote The Spectator website:

The Parliamentarian of the Year was shared between the fifteen Tories who rebelled against statuary regulation of the press. They were presented with their own copy of our famous ‘No’ front page, much to the disgust of No.10′s Patrick Rock who uttered the audible aside ‘oh for God’s sake’. Our former editor Boris Johnson was also on the side of the press, pointing out that the rest of the world looks at the UK as bastion of freedom, a place where politicians who do wrong are locked up and our ‘ruling classes are scourged daily by a free press.’ He concluded with the memorable phrase: ‘The privy council can shove their charter in the privy.’

Listening to Tracey's acceptance speech made me very proud that in some small way I was part of the team which helped her win her seat in Parliament.

You can listen to Tracey's acceptance speech HERE

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