Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tunbridge Wells Cinema Site - sign our online petition

Tunbridge Wells Town Centre has been blighted in recent years by two ugly "grot spots", which have been left empty by their owners. The first was the old Safeway supermarket by the railway station, the boarded-up facade of which provided an ugly greeting for residents and visitors.  Thanks to a concerted campaign two years ago, led by Greg Clark MP and local Conservative activists, the site's new owners, Morrisons, redeveloped the site, which is now trading succesfully as a supermarket. 

The derelict Cinema Site which has blighted Tunbridge Wells Town Centre for over 10 years.
Photo courtesy of the Kent & Sussex Courier. 
The second "grot-spot" is the Cinema Site at the top of the High Street, directly opposite the Town Hall. This has been derelict for over 10 years and is a real blight on the town centre. Ownership of the site has passed between various pension funds and developers, and many believe too much money was paid, making it an unattractive prospect for any redevelopment. 

Our latest Borough-wide newsletter deals with this issue in depth, and in it we launch a petition calling for action.  You can download a copy of the leaflet by clicking this LINK

Our petition calls on the owners to show "greater consideration for residents whose lives are blighted by this eyesore."   It calls on the co-owners "to demolish the site pending redevelopment, for the benefit of the town, its residents, visitors and the local economy." 

You can assist by signing our petition by clicking the link below. If you live in Tunbridge Wells and would like hard copies of the petition for family, friends and neighbours, email us at twconservatives@gmail.com and we will gladly send you hard copies. 

Thank you for your help and support. 

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