Saturday, 30 November 2013

By Election Battle Stations!

The full roll of honour (from left) Cllr Roger Dalton, Jacques Arnold, Cllr Brian Luker, Richard Long CC, Tashi Bhutia, Cllr Matthew Balfour, Cllr Ann Kemp, Bobbly Barnes, Cllr Tony Sayer, Cllr Nicolas Heslop, Cllr David Brake, Stuart Murray, Andrew Kennedy, Cllr Pat Gulvin, Tom Tugendhat, Cllr Adrian Gulvin, Cllr Sue Murray, Cllr David Trice, Cllr Chris Brown, Cllr Sophie Shrubsole, Cllr Russ Taylor, Cllr Jeannett Bellamy, Mike Franklin, Jon Botten, Dave Street, Kathy Doody (and Cllr Edmund Hastie taking the photograph).

Twenty eight volunteers braved biting cold wind for the first Borough Green & Long Mill Campaign Day. Local campaigners from Tonbridge & Malling were joined by friends and colleagues from across the West Kent Group - with additional volunteers from Chatham & Aylesford and Tunbridge Wells. 

Our local candidate, Stuart Murray, who has lived in the area for over 30 years, is pictured above centre, standing alongside PPC Tom Tugendhat. 

Between the team, we delivered a leaflet to every one of the wards 3,000 houses and canvassed a further 500 properties!

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  1. Why Mike are you saying "people aren't that stupid" as if Andrew has asked people to believe some blatant untruth about the numbers he has quoted. There are 26 people in the photo (I counted them) plus one to take the photo so that's definitely 27. There is always someone running just that bit too late for the photo so 28 people is quite believable. If each of those 28 people delivered only 110 leaflets and canvassed only 18 people, you are already above the numbers Andrew quoted. And in my experience these numbers per person are quite low for such an occasion. So by suggesting there is some sort of underhanded reporting going on here, perhaps you're the one who needs to realise that "people aren't that stupid".