Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What a small world...

If you are a retired Conservative Party Agent, and live in the West Country (St Neot, to be precise) and your local vicar is named Andrew Balfour, then I would like to say thank you for your kindness.

By way of explanation, Andrew Balfour has a parishioner who is a retired party agent. Andrew's brother, Matthew Balfour, is a Conservative councillor in the Tonbridge & Malling Association and a good egg! Earlier today, Andrew telephoned Matthew and told him all about a Conservative agent in Kent who is doing good work for the Party and whose reputation has reached Cornwall.

Given I do not believe I know a retired agent living in Cornwall, I can only imagine that he reads my blog.

The chances of a retired agent reading my blog and just happening to live in a parish 300 miles away, where the priest is brother of one of my local councillors is random in extremis, but does demonstrate what a small world we now inhabit.


  1. We are Jack and Penny, both retired Conservative Party Agents referred to in Tuesday's blog.We read your blog with interest , you organise your constituencies as we did in the old days, and we find it refreshing that there are some qualified Conservative Party Agents still working. Our Vicar Andrew, the brother of your councillor is also a good egg. We are both active in local organisations, and utilising the organisational skills which we learned as Agents.
    Keep up the good work Andrew and good luck with the local elections.

  2. Thank you so much for replying - I hoped that you would. I had a feeling it was you - you kindly completed my online survey and referred to the fact you were both retired agents!

    Thanks for reading and your supportive comments!

    Best wishes


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