Monday, 29 April 2013

Don't break my achy breaky heart!

At one point today we had seven people working at the office, packing, folding, printing, stamping and data-capturing. A great team effort - so much so that we ran out of chairs and desk space.  Jon moved his phone, dairy and spread sheets to the landing and I took up residence on the office floor. Between us, we managed to print, fold, pack and stamp 1,400 pledge letters, data capture 650 pages of canvass data and even finish packing and posting one constituency's worth of raffle tickets. A big thank you to Owen, Christine, Jacques, Adrian, Pat for their help and support.

Tonight I organised Merlin Campaign Centre training for GOTV Organisers. This was held in the Committee Room of the Tonbridge Constitutional Club, which was quite small for the numbers who came, especially with a data projector blasting out heat. Amusingly, we were sharing the building with the South Tonbridge Over 50s Line Dancing troop, which made the proceedings somewhat surreal; 14 perspiring and jaded Tories packed into a box room discussing whether we should be targeting Bungalow Utopia whilst "Don't Break My Heart, My Achy Breaky Heart" drifted up the staircase. Someone did suggest we should write-up the words and get each teller to sing it as voters approached the polling station!  

Meanwhile, in the real world, we had another super team of sixteen helping to GOTV for Peter Homewood in Malling Rural North East, including Medway Council Leader, Rodney Chambers and many of his Council and Cabinet colleagues. Thanks for your help!

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