Sunday, 7 April 2013

Specific questions for Mrs Barnes

1. During the PCC Campaign, I (and many others) clearly recall you stating that you would appoint a Youth Police & Crime Commissioner and fund his or her salary directly from your own £85,000 pa. Can you confirm this is still the case. If not, why has your position changed.  How much are you contributing?

2. What is the total annual cost, including your Youth Commissioner's salary, expenses, clerical and administrative support, training, travel costs, employer's pension and NI contributions, for employing a Kent Youth Police & Crime Commissioner?

3. How was the recruitment of the Youth Police & Crime Commissioner handled. Where was it advertised? Did the advertisement process meet the standards expected for public sector appointments?  If not, why not?

4. Did you or your department write and distribute a job specification, If so, was it published. Can you publish it so Kent residents can see what is expected of our new Youth Police & Crime Commissioner?

5. How many people applied for the job?  What criteria was used to shortlist them ?

6. Did you or your department carry out due diligence on Paris Brown?

7. If due diligence was not carried out, why not?

8. If due diligence was carried out, were Paris Brown's very recent social media comments made known to you, or any member of your team? 

9. What role did either of your paid assistants, Peter Carrol and Howard Cox, have in the recruitment process? 

10. Why do you think young people should have a designated commissioner and not the BME community or other groups who are considered marginalised by the policing process?


  1. Blimey, only this morning was I thinking about Craig McKinlay & the fact he only ever tweeted when he wanted people to vote for him but didn't like answering questions. Then, surprise surprise, today of all days he decides to come back to twitter even if it is to only Retweet this. And yes, I saw the job advertised and there was a lot of media publicity about applying for the job as well.

    Yes Paris Brown made mistakes but so have a lot of teenagers. Surely if you want someone to engage with the youth of today you don't want little miss perfect do you?

    1. Hello Mr Cox, nice of you to comment, even if it is anonymously!

    2. Well I don't want a potty-mouth, that's for sure. And the two consultants sound like a pair of screw-ups, too, if they've managed to let this appointment through on the nod. £72k/year for twiddling your thumbs, eh? I should be so lucky.

  2. The way I see it, if sent directly to the PCC's office, would constitute an RFI made under the Freedom of Information Act!

  3. Dear Anonymous

    FOI request sent by post and email today.