Sunday, 28 April 2013

Getting Out The Vote

We have just commenced delivery of personalised Get Out The Vote leaflets to pledges in target County Council divisions.
This year, we have taken our targeting a step further. Not only is each leaflet personally addressed with the voter's polling station and roll number printed, by using 'variable paragraphs' we have also targeted our message to particular groups of voters, thereby ensuring the message is relevant to the recipient.  A strong pledge will receive a slightly different message than a potential switcher or a postal voter.
The reverse of the leaflet contains a very strong message from former UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen on why she left UKIP and joined the Conservatives.
(For anyone concerned about data protection issues; the name, address and polling number shown on this sample letter are false.)


  1. Bloody good stuff, would you mind if we used this in Cheshire?

  2. Blooody hell Mr Kennedy I wish you were our agent the quality and style of what you do is streets ahead of our crap.