Friday, 19 April 2013

The yellow trousered diplomat

Admiring my yellow trousers in this week's Medway Messenger
It wasn't much into the morning before I started receiving strange text messages complementing me on my yellow trousers. 

Then came a strange phone call from a friend in Rainham referring to my "caustic diplomacy". But it wasn't until 3pm, at a meeting at the offices of the Rochester and Strood Conservative Association, that I discovered the reason why.
My blog in support of the principles behind the Bedroom Tax (Spare Room Subsidy) had been picked up by the Medway Messenger's Gossip Column (amusingly called Mouth of the Medway) who summarised my "caustic blog entry" alongside an unflattering photo of me in a too tight shirt and mustard yellow trousers. I am, however, honoured to be referred to as "ever the diplomat". Not something I have been called often in my life.

I will, however, leave the last word to a friend from Chatham, who phoned to say,

"I agree with your views on the bedroom tax,
but you look like tosser in that photo."

I suppose I should show gratitude to my partner, Steve, who stopped my buying red trousers on a recent visit to Bluewater. I don't see anything wrong with them, personally!

(With note of thanks to my so called friend, Cllr Chris Irvine, for scanning said photograph (left) and publishing it far and wide, under the title "The Mustard Trousered Philanthropist.)

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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