Sunday, 7 April 2013

Now we have the N word, too

During the Kent Police & Crime Commissioner Campaign Ann Barnes courted and received the support from many of Kent's gay rights and equalities pressure groups. I wonder how they now feel at seeing and hearing liberal Ann defending her personally appointed Youth Commissioner for using the words fag and faggot.
Now, there's more...see below (hat tip to  Express journalist Nathan Rao)

Imagine, just for a moment, if a Conservative MP or a staffer working for a Conservative MP, was exposed as not only using faggot to describe gay people, but had also used 'Nigga' in social media posts. There would be uproar. And who would be leading the charge? The same liberally-minded people were the bedrock of Ann Barnes campaign and are now defending Ann Barnes protégé for her "youthful mistakes".

Sorry Mrs Barnes, if I stood in Chatham High Street and called people fags, pikeys and niggas, I would be arrested. And rightfully so. 

Your continued defence of your personally selected Youth Commissioner, and your positive promotion of her as a good role model for young people, is not only unacceptable, but is undermining your own credibility.  

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  1. It is very sad I think she has chosen to resign. Probably right and inevitable with all the media storm but regrettable nonetheless for a 17-year old.