Friday, 5 April 2013

Don't pull your punches !

After a shakey start, when I had 20 - 40 visitors a day, my blog suddenly and unexpectedly 'peaked' over the weekend following the Eastleigh by-election, when my post on the importance of reviving the voluntary party was featured by ConHome, Iain Dale and even made page 4 of the Sunday Telegraph.  Over that weekend, I received 10,000+ visitors.

Since then things have settled down again, but I am still receiving between 3,000 - 5,000 hits per week. I am not sure how many of these are unique visitors, how many are returning readers or people viewing multiple pages. However it is counted, it is far more than I ever anticipated, though when I asked Iain Dale how many readers Iain Dale's Diary received at its peak, he replied "20,000 a day, Andrew - a figure you can only dream about..."  Thanks Iain!

I very much enjoy writing this Blog, though at times, when I return home late at night after a routine day printing, packing and signing membership letters, it can be difficult to think of something original and witty to post. I do try to post at least once a day, and often more.  I know if I visit a blog and nothing has changed for two or three days, I soon lose interest.

One thing a Blogger seldom knows or understands is why people actually visit, what things they enjoy reading, and more importantly, what they like least.

I have therefore put together a very short survey (just five simple questions - I promise it will take no more than two minutes to complete) to give me some indication about who reads this blog and why.  It is totally anonymous, so please be honest (and brutal if you need to be).

Please do participate by clicking here : Click here to take survey  The survey will close next Friday (12 April) and I will publish a honest summary of the replies.  

Thanks and best wishes

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