Friday, 12 April 2013

Iain Dale on Conservative Home

I was delighted that Iain Dale re-started his blog (HERE), and even more pleased that he now writes a weekly gossip-style column (HERE).

I have known Iain for seven or so years and he has always being willing to help and support various projects, from running training seminars on blogging for local government candidates, speaking at fund raising events and most recently co-hosting a session at the Kent Area Conservative Conference, which I organised a few weeks ago.

Iain has also been generous in his support for this blog, often featuring me on his 'Daley Dozen' best reads or even in the text, and today by plugging me in his first weekly column for Conservative Home - see below (though I think I provided him with a couple of stories for his column, so hopefully there is a bit of mutual benefit!)

So, a big thank to Iain Dale !
Each week in this column I’m going to recommend a website I think you all might be interested in. This week, it’s the blog of Andrew Kennedy. He’s Tory Party agent for the three constituencies of Tonbride  & Malling, Tunbridge Wells and Chatham & Aylesford. You might think that it would be rather dry, but it’s the very opposite. In a hugely entertaining manner, he describes the work, trials and tribulations of an agent, and the bizarre characters he deals with. I’m sure CCHQ would love him to shut it down, but he shines a light on a very important aspect of party campaigning. It’s also quite personal. This week he has been talking about how he deals with aspirant parliamentary candidates who are trying to ingratiate themselves with him, and also the duck which has a nest next to his narrow boat.  The blog is called Voting & Boating and you can find it HERE.

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  1. See what you mean about picking up your stories. 75yr old drag queen travels the world!
    he's right about your blog being so good.