Friday, 5 April 2013

Further Notes and Advice from the 1935 Election Agent's Handbook

I am reading a book entitled 1935 Election; Notes and Advice to Parliamentary Election Agents.  

A few days ago I published an extract about how agents should secure hay carts in rural constituencies to transport "the lame" to the polling station. I have now discovered the following, equally amusing but now unthinkable, piece of advice.

"Following the introduction of "Universal Suffrage"  many candidates include a small section within their literature for women voters.  This should be on the reverse of the leaflet, or perhaps surrounded by a box, to ensure it is separated from the candidate's main manifesto commitments.  This section should include information of interest to womenfolk, including, the candidate's views on housekeeping and children, or other similar issues which will not dissuade them from voting by their complexity."

Can you image it....

"If you have aluminium saucepans which are passed their best, try boiling them with vinegar and onion skins. My wife says it brings them up almost as good as new."
-Sir JS of Tonbridge

"Discarded hairnets, once cleaned in hot soapy water, are ideal to keep flies and bluebottles off your butter."
-GC of Tunbridge Wells

"Empty wine bottles can be decorated with shells and turned into charming gifts for family and friends."
-TC of Chatham 

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