Monday, 1 April 2013

Embarrassed by your kindness

When, at 10.30am today, I realised that it was not only Easter Monday but also April Fool's Day, I couldn't resist using my blog to play a small joke. Now, having received so many good wishes and congratulations, I am somewhat embarrassed by the kindness.

Not for one moment did I believe that anyone would fall for the story that I was going to work for the European Commission.  As one friend emailed to say,

"I would have been more likely to believe you had you blogged that you were turning straight and was about to marry one of the Pussycat Dolls"
To be honest, the very thought of me working for the European Commission (which I have spent the last 12 years of my political life campaigning for Britain to leave) is somewhat preposterous! And to think they would put me in charge of their propaganda is even more absurd. Perhaps it was the absurdity that made it believable?
The most amusing email arising from the post was one received from a fellow party agent who, within 20 minutes, had contacted me to ask if I would put in a good word as he/she would like my job. They continued to say what a ghastly shower of people were in charge of his/her local Association. Shameless!  When I emailed back to say it was an April Fool's Day hoax there was frantic back-peddling and pleas for discretion, which I duly gave. Though the story is too amusing not to tell.
So to those of you who rumbled me, well done!  And to those who kindly emailed to say "congratulations", "well deserved" and "we shall miss you", thank you. I do feel such a heel for playing a hoax on you.

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