Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Quick on the draw !

I have just returned from the home of Association President, Joyce Gadd, who is hosting the amazing Chatham & Aylesford Packing Team today. (Note the term: some may "stuff envelopes" in West Kent we "pack" them!)

Today they are packing 6,500 envelopes of Christmas Draw tickets, which we are hand-delivering to pledges across the constituency in November. A good way to raise campaign funds from people who are happy to help and support the party, but may not want to join.

I have never understood why more Associations don't do this? Tickets may be ordered (at no cost) from National Conservative Draw's Society, who retain 30% of sales to cover costs, the remaining 70% is returned to the local Association.

Our Best Practice guide to running a successful Christmas Draw can be downloaded here, should you be interested. CLICK HERE

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