Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A kind email from a grateful potential applicant!

Dear Andrew:

I was recently informed by CCHQ that you will be shortly selecting your parliamentary candidate for 2015 and I intend to apply.

As someone who works in the internet industry, I was absolutely delighted to see that you have uploaded a candidate's briefing note to your website and I wanted to thank you for being so efficient as well as transparent and fair.  The briefing answered all my immediate questions but I will be in contact before you go on your leave if I have any further specific questions. 

I am well aware how much interest this selection process is attracting and know competition will be tough.

I was the Parliamentary Candidate for Xxxxxxxxxxx at the last general election - and it was an amazing though very challenging personal experience.  I am determined to win next time round and I look forward to making my case to you, your colleagues, and hopefully the wider constituency population in the near future.



Note from me; your kind email is appreciated! 

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