Thursday, 26 September 2013

Never mind "from Stalin to Mr Bean" - in TW UKIP it's from Capt'n Mainwaring to Corporal Jones

The Grand Old Man of Tunbridge Wells' UKIP insurgency, Vic Webb, was the cause of much amusement at yesterday's meeting of the Licensing Committee when, having ranted against a proposal to allow street traders, promptly seconded a motion from Conservative councillor Julia Soyke enabling the necessary change in law.  When the vote came, he announced, "I oppose this and am voting against", before being reminded that he had actually seconded the motion in support a few minutes earlier.

According to one witness, Vic suddenly changed from Captain Mainwaring to Corporal Jones, or as Vince Cable MP put it, "a transformation from Stalin to Mr Bean".

This is the same Vic Webb who, having failed to gain a County Council seat in Tunbridge Wells South last May, spoke to the press and said of his UKIP colleague, who had just won a seat from us, "Personally, I would have preferred t to have been one of the more capable UKIP candidates who was elected."

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  1. Maybe Vic Webb will turn into Private Frazer soon "I never doubted you for a second"