Monday, 23 September 2013

I hope we don't continue to politicise Remembrance Day

I attach below a note I have circulated to all local Councillors and Conservative Branches regarding the purchase of wreaths for Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day Wreaths

Dear &fname&

Over the weekend, the Royal British Legion circulated a form for organisations to order Remembrance Day wreaths. This has prompted a number of enquiries from members asking about the type of wreath they should purchase.

Last year, there was considerable coverage in the national press when UKIP and the BNP laid wreaths with their Party logo printed in the middle. Upon investigation, it transpired that the Royal British Legion at Aylesford, who manufacture the wreaths, offer them for sale with various logos (including political parties) being printed on them.

Notwithstanding the above, my personal view is that politically branded wreaths for Remembrance Day are inappropriate. Not only does it run the risk of parties being accused of politicising Remembrance Day, but I believe the majority of people simply do not want to see political logos emblazoned across wreaths laid at memorials.

For this reason, I would advise all Associations, councillors and branches to purchase a plain wreath if you are planning to attend a Remembrance Day service. In case you need one, the order form can be downloaded from the British legion website

If you are laying a wreath on behalf of the branch or Association I think it is absolutely appropriate for the name of the branch/Association to be written on the card, i.e. "From Bill Jenkins on behalf of the Officers and Members of the Barchester Branch Conservative Committee". 

I hope this is helpful and we can avoid the risk of causing unintended offence.

Andrew Kennedy

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