Thursday, 5 September 2013

A day in the life of West Kent

The sun is shining and it might well be 28 degrees outside, but the work of a Constituency Campaign Centre rolls ever onward.

Here is super-volunteer Gill Levine, packing the first batch of ten thousand Christmas Draw tickets. We would be lost without Gill, who comes in two days per week. She can talk the hind leg off a donkey, but she's worth her weight in gold!

Meanwhile, in the back office, Connor is busy data-capturing responses to last week's campaigning in Paddock Wood and also 300 replies received this week to Tracey Crouch's latest constituency survey. The data management and replying to queries raised often takes twice as long as the door knocking, but residents are always pleased when their complaints, suggestions and comments are followed-up.

Jon Botten is busy at his desk organising the Open Evening for thirty prospective new local government candidates who responded to our recent campaign and asked to attend our seminar. I will post further details about this later.

And finally, like a fat spider in the middle of his web...

Today I have been arranging venues for our Parliamentary selection, phone briefing potential applicants, analysing postal vote response statistics and finalising details for the Kent Area Reception at Party Conference.

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