Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back - and raring to go!

After a very restful week, I am back in  Kent and raring to go.

Jon Botten has held the fort magnificently, avoiding calling or emailing me - and I have also avoided the temptation to phone to "check everything is ok" which is quite an achievement for someone with my control freak tendencies.

Tunbridge Wells canvassing took place last week in the lovely village of Hawkhurst, with a team of fifteen volunteers joining Greg Clark MP on the doorsteps. My thanks to branch Chairman, Peter Dunlop who organised the day's activities along with Nick Rogers and David Elliott.

Saturday's Campaign Team in Hawkhurst. Left to right: Alex King MBE, Edmunnd Hastie, Peter Oakford,
Peter Dunlop, Alan McDermott, John Cunningham, Bob Backhouse, Greg Clark MP, Nicholas Rogers,
Bill Hills, Julia Soyke, Dr Linda Hall and Mike Sodeau

Another team of ten was campaigning with Tracey Crouch MP in Princes Park, but I have not been sent a photo so nothing to publish on the blog.

My briefing note for potential T&M Parliamentary Candidates (see: HERE) has been downloaded 964 times! I am hoping many of those downloads are from inquisitive blog readers and it does not indicate that we are going to get 964 applicants! (If so, poor John will be developing a very close relationship with the photocopier).  I am grateful to many potential applicants who have emailed and sent messages via the office and social media thanking me for publishing the briefing note and saying how helpful they found it.

Yesterday (Friday 13th) Dr Margaret Garrett and her team went door to door in the Borough Green ward of Tonbridge & Malling trying to recruit new members to help re-launch a branch. Dr Garrett has recently moved here from Leigh on Sea, where she was Treasurer. Their activity identified a number of strong leads with several offers of help. Well done to Dr Garrett (below, far right) and her volunteers for braving the wind and rain!

Skimming through emails I see we have another inter-ward golf competition in the offing, a branch quiz and a horse race night. I also have a note from Jon to inform me that our T&M suppers with Ann Widdecombe and Sandy Gall are both almost fully booked, Sir John Stanley's 40th Anniversary Dinner is 75% booked (and it's still six months away, the relaunch of TWs ever-popular Discussion Forum (more later). And, of course the start of the T&M Parliamentary selection and a series of meetings to examine the future operation of the West Kent Group - with perhaps a move to a purpose-built, properly equipped, modern office, suitable to meet the campaigning, administration and support needs of a modern political organisation!

Back to work officially on Monday - exciting times ahead!

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  1. Peter Dunlop is the Club President not the Chairman. I believe the chairman is R. Maggs.