Monday, 30 September 2013

Eh, Gladys, what does that mean...?

Overheard this morning in the main conference hall.

Platform speaker, "...and we must reach out to the BME Community."

Two old ladies in row behind me, "What did he say, Gladys, the what community?"

Gladys, "I think he said the BME"

"Oh. Right. What does that mean, then?"

"Can't say I'm sure."

"BME Community?  I wonder if the B means Black?  It could be black, Gladys."

"Could be, could be. But if so, what about the M?"

"Hmmm. M? Muslim? The black and Muslim community. That sounds right."

"That's it, well done. The black and Muslim Community. That makes sense. What about the E?"

Long silence.

"Got it! European. We must reach out to the Black, Muslim and Europeans."

Another silence.

"Not so sure about reaching out to Europeans. I never voted to go in in the first place."

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