Saturday, 21 September 2013

Out and About in Sherwood and Chatham

We had teams out on the doorsteps today in the Sherwood ward in Tunbridge Wells (led by Greg Clark MP) and in the Wayfield area of Chatham (led by Tracey Crouch MP) with a special and unexpected guest appearance by Richard Ashworth. MEP.

Campaigning in Tunbridge Wells - from left: Sherwood Councillors Bob Backhouse and Frank Williams, Kay Williams, John Cunningham. William Rutherford (Association Chairman), Greg Clark MP, Julian Stanyer, Barbara Cobbold,Sherwood Councillor Lynne Weatherly,  Alan McDermott, Jane March and James Tansley (and Cllr David Elliott, who took the photograph and organised the day's activity).

Post campaigning pint in the community-run pub, the Medway Queen, with Tracey Crouch MP, Dave Davis, Richard Ashworth MEP, Matt Bright, Tashi Bhutia. Kath Doody, Mike Franklin and Roger Dalton (with David Wildey taking the photograph)

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