Sunday, 4 August 2013

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

En route to Brighton last night I was listening to Radio 4 on which they were interviewing Lin Patterson. She's the woman who has taken it upon herself to 'occupy' a public lavatory in Bath, in defence of "society's most vulnerable people." Apparently "many people in Twerton still do not know our toilets are closing, and we need to know and mobilise." 

She opened her interview by praising the anti-fracking protestors in Balcombe and closed by referencing the pressure group 38 Degrees, of which she is a member. No doubt she would have supported the anti poll tax riots, marched down Whitehall against the Gulf War, thought Maggie should be tried for war crimes over the sinking of the Belgrano, sang "Give Peace a Chance" at the gates of Greenham Common, hugged trees at Newbury and loved toads at Twyford Down. Any passing bandwagon will be hijacked regardless of the intellectual vigour of the case.

What a cosy, self indulgent world people like this occupy, waving their banners safe in the knowledge that they will never have the responsibility of public office or have to take the difficult decisions that go with it.

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