Sunday, 18 August 2013

Stuck in the middle of you....

I was amused to see a link on Con Home today which led to an article in the Mail on Sunday about George Galloway, who is allegedly selling his Streatham house for £1.5 million. See HERE.

What the Mail did not mention is that Mr Galloway's house is (or was) right next door to the one owned by Cynthia Payne, the former "Party Hostess" whose guests swapped luncheon vouchers for lingerie and spanking!

Caught up with these neighbours from hell in Streatham's tree lined Ambleside Avenue was a very good friend of mine, a vivacious and ballsy Irish psychiatric nurse. During the heyday, her evenings were regularly interrupted by erroneous callers, either nervous elderly men in pinstriped suits asking "is this Cynthia's house" or  else left-wing firebrands in search of Comrade George.

Apparently, even though she enjoyed the "comings and goings" she would occasionally, out of pure mischief, redirect people to the wrong houses. I can only imagine the horror of a senior member of the Establishment, expecting a door to be answered by a sexy semi naked nymph, only to find himself face to face with George Galloway.

The mind boggles.

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