Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Could it be Magic ?

Something new and exciting to look forward to in the New Year!

If any of readers would like to attend, please email me or get in touch via the Association Office on 01732 842794.


  1. Hello Andrew - have you had the draw for the Motorcycle Raffle in aid of the Number One Community Centre yet?

  2. Yes, it was drawn on Monday at the Fete. if you contact Cllr Chris Woodward he will be able to supply details of the winner. I understand Greg Clark MP did the draw.

  3. PS - As soon as Chris send me details and a photograph, I will publish them on the blog. Along with the amount raised, which was in excess of £2500.

  4. Congratulations, Andrew - that's a great sum, for a worthy cause. Well done.

    1. In fairness, it was all Chris Woodward's hard work. I just arranged printing and publicity.